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This might sound super hippy; It always seems like good music scenes evolve around big rivers and I feel like the connecticut river has that. All the musicians I know who swim in it don't smell the same afterwards. But I think it's fine to swim in as long as you wait a day or two after a heavy rain. And also, my friend Allie likes to call it the Vermont river because they had it first. Anyways, big thanks to that big river, I really hear it in the music of everyone who sticks around the valley for a while.

This EP took a while to make but there will be more to come. Hit me up if you want me to come play a show and I will at least drive to you and hang out.

so much love to all the many amazing peeps in my life!!!



released January 14, 2016

Songs and sounds by Mike Parham

Recorded on tape and transfered to cpu at Tubecats in Hadley, MA

Cover photo taken by Katie Fleming and Peter McQuillan



all rights reserved


MIBBLE Hadley, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Outlaw
Wake up!
You always yelling
Now I know

You're all the same
You were an Outlaw
Who I dunno

Cause your alive
Why would I tell you not to follow

I don't stray

Sun so low
Sung so low
You were an Outlaw
Wide awake!
Track Name: All The Wasted Time
Can't understand what you're listening you to
Engine run care what you want to do
In the ad, baby tell them what I say
But all of these answers why can't you understand

All of the plans move over when I light this land

All of the ads on your tv
Why can't you turn everything off but me

Stay up at night thinking about the oceans down below anyone else's mind

And in the end there's not gonna be no one
Who'll carry you from the last star to here

The take of your mind will be somewhere in the dark
When you come over you better not have the patience to perceive
All the wasted time
Track Name: Undying Love
Karmic Cycles

Undying love is reaching out to you no matter who you are
or where you are going.

Let your soul pour out. Never before have you felt light like this
Never again will you suffer any darkness

Every time you tell yourself that I love. That I love you
And you would pour out that you could never have anyone like this
Reach you in that way

So let you say it to me
Then I can tell you that too

I would like to follow undying love
Track Name: Somewheretime
Wake up kid your gonna miss the sunset
You got nothing else to do

Please don't hide your head away

Somewhere time is always four in the morning
It's still being wasted all on you

Please don't hide your head away

All I hear are finger nails on a chalk board
I'll bet you've got lovely things to say

Please don't hide your head away
Track Name: Field
As soft as the sky
As tall as the trees
As cold as the water
As hard as your heel

As old as the mountain
As dark as your blood
As big as your house
As sharp as my eyes

As real as the field
Is as quiet as you

As soft as the sky
As one as with god
As great as the old west
As far as the sun

As warm as your mother
As fragile as glass
As soft as the sky

As real as the field
Is as quiet as you